Star Performance

Your motorcycle’s braking system is critical to your riding safety. Brake hoses are an important component that is responsible for transmitting brake pressure from the brake master cylinders to the brake callipers.
Star Performance stainless steel braided PTFE brake hoses help to improve braking performance by delivering brake pressure accurately, precisely and with great reliability. Star Performance brake hoses are DOT FMVSS106 / SAE J1401 compliant, and are constructed from the finest materials, with careful attention to detail.

Extra Strain Relief

Many stock brake hoses that come with the motorcycle are prone to failure due to extra flex stresses that can occur after component upgrades change the hose routing, such as a change of handlebar. This is why motorcycle manufacturers warn that these hoses must be routinely inspected for wear and damage. Star Performance brake hose kits come with permanent flex-guard reinforced hose ends for extra reliability. Their hose designs shift the flex point away from the joint point, preventing overbend at the swaging location.

Rubber hoses Star Performance stainless steel braided PTFE hoses
  • Expands under pressure, robbing brake feel
  • Allows water permeation, degrading brake fluid and causing corrosion
  • Hardens over time, increasing risk of sudden leaks
  • Can delaminate internally, increasing risk of debris and blockage
  • Fitted with mild steel fitting, increasing risk of corrosion
  • No expansion means better brake feel
  • No water permeation means clean brake fluid
  • PTFE is super flexible up to 260 deg C, maintaining its integrity
  • PTFE tube in hose is a single molded part, maintaining clean brake fluid
  • Stainless or titanium fittings maintain clean brake fluid
Use Star Performance brake hoses for:
  • Better braking.
  • Great looking brake hoses.
  • Cleaner brake system, with less corrosion leading to a longer brake component lifespan.
  • Peace of mind from knowing that your hose kits are designed and built with quality from end to end.