Doubletake Mirrors

Riding hard, and always worrying about breaking your mirrors? Doubletake Mirrors are the last mirrors you’ll buy!

Doubletake Mirrors are designed to fold conveniently out of the way when you hit rough roads. Made in the U.S.A., they are sturdy (no vibrating views!), compact and practically indestructible.

Doubletake mirror bodies are covered by a lifetime warranty, but for obvious reasons, the warranty cannot be extended to the glass insert. Note that Doubletake Mirrors only work with RAM products, and will not be covered by warranty if found to be used with other third-party products other than RAM mounts.

Doubletake Mirrors are incredibly versatile and can be configured to different motorcycles – they’re not only for Dual Purpose or Enduro bikes! Simply install the appropriate type of RAM Base for your motorcycle.

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