Taking your ride to the extreme? You’ll need lighting that plays tough too.

4XLED is short for: 4 eXtreme use LED. Developed and made in Poland, these robust lamps boast the following properties:


  • *30 & *50 Watt power and ca. *3500-*5500 lumen neutral white light (*Model specific)
  • milled housing made of high strength aluminum alloy
  • highest  environmental protection (IP69K/connector IP67)
  • *built in high effective 2-stage energy converter (day light/full power)
  • latest LED diodes
  • high quality optics
  • thermal, overvoltage- and false polarity secured
  • built in an interference suppressor filter
  • 3 years Factory Warranty. Terms and Condition Apply.
  • CE and RoHS conformal

Technical Data:

  • Power: ~30/50 Watt
  • Supply voltage: 11-30V DC
  • Light output: ~ 3500-5500 lumen*
  • Weight: 0,09/0,12kg (without holder/with holder)
  • Dimensions: fi 45×31 mm (depth with connector 48mm) (SM4 Only)
  • Connector: M8 3-pin (Plug with cable is included)(SM4 Only)
  • Protection grade: IP69K/connector IP67

IMPORTANT:  The SM4 and Moto3 lights are inapplicable for stationary use. It is designed for use in the free air, on vehicles (it needs air movement around the housing). At standing vehicle, it should be driven with full power no more than a few minutes, unlimited operating with reduced power only.